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         My father-in-law Lt. Edward C. Woodruff was the pilot on "Hell on Wings" ,#44-6110, for several missions during the summer of 1944. I know the plane went down over Austria on Dec 20, 1944. Does anyone have any knowledge or possibly a photo of the nose art of "Hell on Wings." The MACR contains a portion of the German report of the wreckage that states that "..Lon Wings" (we don't know if the lack of a space between the L and on was the way the plane was painted or a typo by the German investigators) was vi sable on the nose. I am building a model of a B-17 G for my wife ,Marie, and I would like to depict "Hell on Wings" if I can learn what the nose art looked like.  Joel has helped me quite a bit for which I am deeply grateful. For the record. Ed returned home had 3 sons and a daughter was married for 42 years, lost his wife and remarried for another 18 years before passing in March 2006.

         Ed did not talk about the war, which was his choice that the family respected, however we are trying to piece together what ever information we can.

          Thanks for any help you might provide. Kudos to those providing the effort to keep this site up and running.

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