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March 10, 2010

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to you in regards to several photos I have come into possession recently. My dad, John J. Abele, flew with the 463rd Bomb Group while in the 774th Squadron. I had known that my dad had the opportunity to fly the Memphis Belle while receiving additional training at Tyndall Air Field in Florida prior to joining the 463rd in Foggia, Italy. In October of 2009, I was visiting my parents in Portage, PA, and dad pulled out quite a few photographs for me to look at. Several of them included his tent outside of Foggia. One is of nine of the members of his crew taken after the war, another is of one of the two planes he remembers flying, the Miss Pan Am. He also remembered flying the Purple Heart Kid. There are several of him and two other men, John Aberg – pilot, and Robert Wiess – John Aberg’s navigator, taken at the Orange Club overlooking the Bay of Naples, Italy. I would like to send these photo’s so that they may be posted on the 463rd web site. Dad is not expecting me to do this, but I know other families would like to see their relatives pictures, and having no way to get in touch with any of them, this is an appropriate forum.

I leave for PA on March 16 to visit for a week and will try and glean more information from dad. He turns 88 on April 12th and these visits become more important as time passes. I can mail copies of these photos if I have and address(s), with accompanying names as they apply, or I can email them the same way. Please let me know your thoughts in this regards, or if you are even interested in them. My best regards for all you do in helping to continue the legacy of the 463rd Bomb Group.

Stephen C. Abele 

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Sorry that no one (I think) has responded to your post.
Here is what to do with old pictures.Some pictures indeed can be posted on this website others can be used on the Pictoral CD's see here.
Be sure to contact forum member Swindy in a PM or email.
He will get back with you.


There are 3 pictoral CD's available so far.
If people keep sending in pictures there might be a 4th
if Joel keeps putting them out.
If you haven't received the 463rd's newsletter see here.

By the way I'm just a 463rd kid too.

Son of 1st Lt. James L. Jarmon Pilot 15th A.F. 463rd B.G. 772nd B.S.

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Yes, indeed I would be interested in getting my hands on the pictures mentioned, at least for short time so that I could scan them.  I would return them immediately upon completion of the scanning.

If you wish to send them to me, send them to:
Joel Swindlehurst
463rd BG Historian
PO Box 387
Hines OR 97738

I would be honored to include them in the next volume of the Pictorial History.


P.S. Please ignore the email address below as that webmail is "broken" and I cannot receive email there any longer.  Instead use:

463rd BG Historian
Proud son of 1/Lt Leroy J. Swindlehurst (1921-1950)
Navigator, 772nd Squadron
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