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Does anyone know when Robert J. Bartusch left the 775th BS? He is listed as with the squadron as pilot of crew 70 on 6 January 1944. By the time the 775th left for overseas he is not mentioned. 14 crews are listed as flying over and 3 traveling by boat. He apparently went on to serve with the 483 BG and was shot down in November of 1944.

The rest of the crew I have not tried to check on but only 17 crews are listed as leaving for overseas.

The rest of the crew is

CP- 2nd Lt. Braund, Gordon L.

N – 2nd Lt. Murray, Elmer J.

B – 2nd Lt. Davis, Raymond D.

AEG – Sgt Brochu, William J.

AAEG – Sgt McGhee, Karl W.

ROG – Beckstrom, Leo W.

AROG – McBride, James P.

AG – Sgt Punzar, Jonathan L.

AAG – Sgt Owen, Wallace L.

Once they arrived in Italy two combat crews were transferred to other Bomb Groups. Crew 61 Lt. Robert Jaenisch to the 99th BG and crew 71 Lt. William Dacko to the 97th BG. Of the 15 pilots who transferred to Italy with the 775th and stayed with the squadron 8 (53%) were shot down (5 KIA, 33% and 3 POW, 20%). The other 7 appear to have finished their tours.



Steve Fossey

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I find Jonathan Punzar and William Brochu in the 775th Squadron roster.  Punzar was with a crew that was shot down 10 May 1944.  He was listed as KIA.

I do not find any further records regarding William Brochu.

I do not find any records regarding the other airmen you have listed on the crew.


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