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My name is Marin, and I live in Croatia, country on the Adriatic sea, in town called Omis.

Few days ago I came across on this information:


date of crash: 17/10/1944

aircraft type: B-17G-50-DL

serial: 44-6419

unit: 772nd BS/463rd BG

markings(name): 'Lil' Liz II'

pilot: Gail McCoy

crash site: Omis, Croatia

note: Mission to Blechhammer; out of fuel


I would like to ask You for any kind of information about this aircraft and her crew (for example: exact location of the crash, if it is possible; pictures of this plane ecc...)



any kind of help is appreciated (sorry if my english is bad) 





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Here are entries from my dad's diary, concerning 419. He was chief armorer of C flight, 772nd squadron.


Oct 17th.  Target Bleckheimer, Germany. Ships took off loaded with “R.D.X’s” ; due back at 3:00 p.m. They started to straggle in at four thirty. Three of my ships, #271, #419, and #377 did not return. About 7:30, #271 came in after spending eleven hours in the air, with enough fuel to last just seven more minutes. A severe storm broke up the formation, which scattered.

#419, with Bob Dobeski, Bores, and Miltler aboard, was forced down in the Adriatic. We are still sweating them out. #377 came back early this morning (8:00 a.m.) after landing and refueling at an emergency field in Yugo-Slavia. #271 had quite a tale to tell about climbing the face of a mountain so closely that they thought the props would hit. All instruments were “out” and no navigator aboard.

Loaded 250’s this p.m.


Oct 19th.  Mission “scratched”. We thought #419 had “ditched” and that Dobeski and the others got out, but later reports do not confirm this. We don’t know where they are at 6:00 p.m. this evening. Showers on and off all day. 250’s again tonight.


Jan 26th. “Non-op”. Overcast – mission scratched at last moment as usual. Helped unload #385 and load practice bombs into her. Understand we may move back to our own area in a day or two. I really hope so. Forgot to mention yesterday that “Lute” informed us that “Dobeski” has finally been located. He’s a “P.O.W.” We’re very thankful.


Hope this helps some.


Ron Rood  



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This is the information I have on the crew and crash site:

According to records, the aircraft went down near Ornis, Germany, out of fuel.


The listed crew was:

Gail McCoy

Harry Izen

Chauncey Hoyt

Charles Bores

Robert Dobeski

Royce Kelly

Edward Mettler

Eugene Ruley

Robert Rush

Pershing Yarborough


I do not know if any of the crew perished but I do know that McCoy, Dobeski, Kelly were POWs.  I'm not sure about the rest of the crew.


That is about the extent of the documentation that I have available to me currently.



463rd BG Historian
Proud son of 1/Lt Leroy J. Swindlehurst (1921-1950)
Navigator, 772nd Squadron
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