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Good morning,

My name is Phil Gittersberger. I am 33 and hail from Kufstein, Austria. I now reside in Maine with my wife and kids.

The reason I am writing to you - ever since I can remember as a little child, I have been a history and plane buff. Especially the Second World War captured my interest. When I was very young, my father took me on a hike up the local mountains to surprise me (he didn't tell me yet what that surprise was going to be) and, after what seemed to me an eternity,we reached the spot - the massive wreckage of a B-17! I was so awestruck by the sight of the twisted heap of metal. A lot of the plane had been salvaged but I distinctly remember seeing three engines and the landing gear with the wheels included. We returned to the wreck a few years later (I was still very young) and more of it had been salvaged - but I managed to haul a cylinder I my backpack all the way down the mountain. I remember how heavy it was and the sharp metal scratched my back pretty bad but I felt the need to preserve it.

Over 20 years later the sight of this plane and the date and sacrifice of the man on the plane is still gripping me. There is not a lot of history to be found in the archives in my native Austria. Most of it was destroyed or disappeared but due to the diligent of a Mr. Bullock I was able to determine that the metal ghost in the mountains was from the 15th AF, 463rd Group, 775th Squad, piloted by Andrew Wynn. It departed for a bombing mission over Munich and I believe it was the only plane lost that day. I was able to obtain a copy of the MaRC 7321 and read it with awe. The handwriting of the personnel was like a tunnel into history and it still haunts me. I am grateful to these men who offered to sacrifice their lives to liberate Europe and my home country from the fangs of Fascism.

I am very interested to find out more information - what happened, how were they treated, how did they get down that mountain etc....I have a million questions still to ask and I was wondering if you could possibly help me reach some closure.

I understand that unfortunately some of the crew have died from age and I am afraid time is running out or it may be too late already.

This is the crew list of the plane:
Wynn, Andrew
Roehr, Howard
Bruser, Henry
Cox, Earl
Leuschen, Joseph
Butcher, James
Carl, Densel
Early, Sydney
Jenks, Charles
Martin, James KIA (I was very disheartened and deeply saddened by his death and have many questions surrounding it)

I would appreciate any help and information you may be able to provide me with and I would also welcome a chance to possibly chat via phone as I could go on for several more pages in my post.

With best regard and many thanks to the Men of the 463rd.


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Hi Philipp,

email me, hope I have any contacts for you.

Svat., Czech Rep.

Info of W. Telfer
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