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Hi Joel thanks for the offer of sending them on CD.I'll have to send you some money for your time and effort.You could perhaps do this later so you could finish the 3rd Pictoral History of the 463rd CD.
Again thank you very much-Jon

Son of 1st Lt. James L. Jarmon Pilot 15th A.F. 463rd B.G. 772nd B.S.

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Jon, et al,
No need to send money as the Group has already reimbursed me for the supplies.  Save your money towards going to the reunion this fall, please.  We want to have as many as possible there so work that direction.

As far as my time, hey, this is what I love to do so don't worry about that.

I'll get the originals put to CD and off to you next week sometime.  I've checked your list and with but two exceptions (I think), I have all the MACRs you requested.

463rd BG Historian
Proud son of 1/Lt Leroy J. Swindlehurst (1921-1950)
Navigator, 772nd Squadron

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Joel, thank you for offer of to send me MACR 6566 (Lt. Sorensen) in good shape.

Jon, glad you´ve received it OK. Yes, "The Joker" piloted by Donald Doran was lost on the same day (in Yugoslavia too), I mentioned. I´m in email contact with Doran´s grandson.

Best regards

Info of W. Telfer

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Earlier in this thread someone asked about reports for aircraft lost in friendly territory where MACRs would not be generated.  They also had Accident Reports that were generated in such cases.  I believe copies of these reports can be obtained from Maxwell for free if you know what report you need.  There is also a site where you can order them called  They have a searchable database for Accident Reports and you can order copies of them (for a fee).  I checked the site and found reports for a bunch of accidents involving 463rd planes.

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