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Im looking for any information about my dad, Capt. Warren W. Gressley.  I have the book Allyn's Irish Orphans but would like any additional information anyone has about him.  He passed away in September 2000 but am trying to put together an 85th birthday present for my mom (his wife).  He was a wonderful father of 9 children and an awesome example of what a father should be.  Thanks so much and God Bless!

Becky Waltz

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Becky I don't have any information about your father but have you considered getting the 1st and 2nd Pictoral History of the 463rd BG CD's that are put out by the 463rd BG Historian as an additional present.
He is also working on a 3rd CD but this is not quite available yet.See the post here by Swindy (463rd BG Historian)


Edit- Becky did your father save any of his documents,orders,pictures or Pilot's Log Book when he served with the 463rd BG or in the USAAF during training?
If so contact Swindy in a PM or email him and let him know.
Joel helped me with a list of B-17's that my dad Piloted derived from the Pilots Log Book from the last 3 digits of the Aircraft License Number.

Son of 1st Lt. James L. Jarmon Pilot 15th A.F. 463rd B.G. 772nd B.S.

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I do have a few pictures (although I can't remember how many) of Warren Gressley that I could provide you.  But as Jon says, they are included in the 1st and 2nd volumes of the 463rd Pictorial History, if you would wish to purchase them @$5 ea.  You can order them by submitting a request to:
463rd BG Historical Society
PO Box 1137
La Canada, CA 91012

Please specify which Vols. you wish to order.

I can also try to pull together the mission records that will indicate which missions your father flew on, the bomber he flew on each mission and the crew that he flew with, if you wish.  Beyond that, I do not have much information.  But as Jon says, if you have any pictures, documents, etc. that you would be willing to share with us, that would be most appreciated.  You may scan them yourself, if you wish (at 400 dpi please), burn them to CD and send them to me or simply email them to me.  Or if you wish, I can do the scanning for you and return everything to you immediately.


463rd BG Historian
Proud son of 1/Lt Leroy J. Swindlehurst (1921-1950)
Navigator, 772nd Squadron
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