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Hi All,

My Dad (Lt. Arthur Barkey) had flight orders dated Feb 6 1945 that stated "...will proceed by air in the aircraft below (with list of full B-17 crew) from Dow Field, Bangor Maine via the North Atlantic Route to Gioria, Italy.....".  His service record shows he left the USA Feb 6 and arrived in Italy Feb 27 - thus 3 weeks in transit.   He was then based at Celone.

I am only generally familiar with the North Atlantic Route, but was it usual for it to take 3 weeks to get to Italy?  Also, assuming that he flew the route to the UK, by what route did B-17 crews then get to Italy?

I appreciate any insight you might be able to provide.





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I had my question answered by a great source - Mr. James Rose - who was the engineer on my Dad's B-17 crew (see attached picture).  They flew together to Italy in 1945 via the following route:

-Picked up new B-17 in Lincoln, NE
-Flew Lincoln to Dow Field in Maine.
-Flew Dow Field to Gander Field, Newfoundland
-Flew Gander Field to Air Base in Wales
-Flew Wales to Marrakech, Morocco
-Flew Marrakech to Tunis
-Flew Tunis to Barri, Italy (on Adriatic)
-Trucked from Barri to Foggia/Celone

What a wonderful & unexpected surprise to be able to speak to someone who trained and flew together with my Dad.  A big thanks to Joel (and this website) for his assistance!

Patrick Barkey
Proud Son of Lt. Arthur Barkey

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