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I am looking for information on the Pysonya wing number 231795.  it was the plane that my grandfather was in he was the top turrett gunner.  JD Bennett. He was shot down over Hungary.  I would like all information and possible sites to find out as much about his time in service.  

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sheryl hornung


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Pysonya's crew

pilot-Ralph K Parks      ( Ralph)
co-pilot Roland L Green   (Rolo)
Bombideer  lyonn Mc Querter    (Mac)
Navigator - Edward Eagan  (E gathts)
Engineer  JD Bennett ( beach Nut)
Ast. Engineer- Shook  O.K.   ( bur head)
Radio- Donald L. Haggard  (daw Pit)
ast Radio  Curtis Snell  ( bombay)
Armor  William  Tatum  ( wild fire)
ast Armor  David M  Markle   ( wonder boy)

Crew 50     42-31795 MACR 6858
this information is taken from my grandfather JD Bennett's hand written diary.

sheryl hornung

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Sheryl you contacted me on my youtube site.Joel (Swindy) the historian will likely answer your questions and help you out when he is available.So don't despair it just takes him a while as he can be busy. By the way there are more pictures of that ship on the Pictoral History CD's which he has kindly produced for us..
See here

Plus you can join the 463rd BG Historical Society for $20 per year (Dues).

Son of 1st Lt. James L. Jarmon Pilot 15th A.F. 463rd B.G. 772nd B.S.

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According to the MACR your Grandfather was in the 774th Squadron, shot down 14 July 1944 (8 POW, 2 KIA). After that he was a guest of the Reich in Stalag Luft IV. From his POW record at the National Archives he was part of the Black March out of Luft IV in February of 1945. "The Last Escape" has an account of that, also "The Shoeleather Express".

Joel has most of the 463rd MACRs.
You can search for the POW record at:


Steve Fossey

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Hello! My grandfather Jim Schwartz was the co-pilot for the mission they Psyonya was shot down on over Hungry. This was not his regular crew but he filled in for somebody. I have some pictures of the plane plus a letter from the girlfriend/wife of the navigator, Marty, who was killed. Please call me at 770.364.6851 and I would love to share everything I have. 
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