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Well I have been checking recently and the Red Tails Movie about the Tuskegee Airmen  332nd Fighter Group will be out very soon (around January 19th ? or 20th,2012).
As many here know they were one of the escort groups for the 463rd BG and the 5th Bomb Wing (2nd,97th,99th,301st,463rd,483rd BG's) on several combat missions some of which were described in the television History Channels Dogfights series on the Tuskegee Airmen.I don't know how good or accurate this movie will be but I and others have noticed wrong markings on the B-17's in the trailer they had Olive Drab painted ships (and a wrong group marking) when many of the B-17's at the time were unpainted other than markings,artwork etc.Someone mentioned that the Luftwaffe fighter aircraft also had wrong markings too.This was of course just in a trailer perhaps since then it might have changed.I suppose it could be overlooked.We will see.Anyway if you're interested in seeing this film in the movie theaters I'll provide a link so you can find a theater closest to you with the initial date/time release.Also check your local newspaper as well to double check (it might have corrections dates/times etc

If you look at the yellow bar on that page click on the Get Showtimes link.
Then enter your zip code on the Showtimes above the title.
You can enter your city too but many times it will miss the closest theater to you so
you should enter your zip code instead for more accurate results.
This could be fun to watch even if it has some bad errors in it.

O.K. I'll add something that I just found out the movie is meant as entertainment.
However There is a historical documentary co released with this film.It should be on the Cable TV History Channel (plays on Jan 14th Today).Also might be replayed at other scheduled times called  Double Victories, a new two-hour documentary about the Airmen narrated by Gooding. See my post (the jj463rd one) here.

Son of 1st Lt. James L. Jarmon Pilot 15th A.F. 463rd B.G. 772nd B.S.

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Saw Red Tails tonight. In the bar scenes one of the actors was wearing a flight jacket with what looked like the 772nd logo painted on the front. Was a decent movie my 10 & 15 year old enjoyed it.
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