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I am a new member here. I have been researching my grandfathers service, Douglas Fitzgerald Johnson, 463rd Bomb Group, 772nd Squadron. He was a waist gunner on a B17 piloted by William M Winters, plane serial number 44-8118 that was shot down over Bologna, Italy on October 12th, 1944. I have seen the MACR# 9080. I have actually contacted the pilots relatives. They mentioned a book their father had which had actual photos of the plane. I cannot find pictures of it anywhere. It doesn't help that the plane did not seem to have a name. I have tried searching for any book and the only one Ive found is called 772nd Bomb Squadron : the men - the memories of the 463rd Bomb Group, but it does not appear to be in circulation anymore. Does anyone know where I can find a copy of this book or possibly some other book pertaining to the 772nd? Or any ideas where I could search for the plane?
Thank you,
Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson

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Hello Eric
only printing involving your quest that I was able to find for you was from A Narrative and Pictorial History of the 463 Bombardment Group H by Harold Rubin. though you might like to have it. Mike

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