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My father and the crew of The Banshee were shot down over Zagreb, Yugoslavia April 6, 1944. This is his story from 1986:

  Dear Friend,
About a month ago I received a letter from Michael Wistock, Pilot of the Banshee, and he told me that he located several members of the crew of the "Banshee".
I wrote back as soon as I could. As soon as he received the letter he called me on the phon...e. We had a long talk. We had 40 years to catch up on.
After we jumped out of the plane, while still in the air, we saw the Banshee crash to the ground. I remember a farmer on the ground with a pitch fork. I landed on the side of a hill. The next thing I did was bury my chute and run down the hill to the forest. I walked in the trees all day. When I came to a small town in the valley, I didn't want to go through it in the day time so I crawled into a near by haystack. I didn't wake up until next morning. Then I decided to walk around the town which I did. On the way out of town, I saw women all dressed up going to town. They didn't pay much attention to me. Then a couple hours later a horse drawn wagon came by. They asked me to hitch a ride. So I got on. They offered me a drink of wine, I took a small sip but they motioned for me to take a big drink so I did. then I offered them cigarettes. Then they knew who I was. Then we rode on. Soon they stopped and one of them went over to a farm house and they brought back a farmer who could speak English. We talked for quite a spell. In the mean time the wagons went on their way. He took me to the underground. When I got to the underground, our radio operator Majewski was there and later we met Ballard, Tail gunner, who was wounded. They had him in a make shift Hospital. I was with the underground for 32 days before I was picked up by a C47, and flown to Italy.
When I got back to Italy I spent 4 days with our outfit. Then I was flown back to the States. I met my wife in Kansas City and we were Married on January 25, 1946. We have 4 boys. The oldest while in the Air Force, drowned. 2 are here in Peoria and the youngest is in Gulf Port, Miss.
We have lived in Peoria since 1948, the same house since 1956.
I worked for Singer Co. for 40 years, retiring in 197?. Since then I have been repairing Sewing Machines part time.
I will fill you in in my next letter.

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Blue skies.
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