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The new accu-sim package for the WOPII B-17 is out.and yes the 463rd BG B-17 The Joker is redone in higher resolutions.
Induction system,electrical system,hydraulics,APU,radio all the controls,instruments,wear and tear,failures modeled. Not sure but I think it lacks a fully emulated Norden bombsight but hey at least it's an accurate Pilot,Co-Pilot trainer (simulation).
Can we learn to Pilot a B-17 like dear old dad yes,indeed.
See these videos here.
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Finally really simulating a B-17 on a PC.
Before we just had simplified controls (one could still learn a bit though).
Here is who has this (it's an add on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X so one needs a beefy PC preferrably a newer quad core CPU desktop tp run it well.

Son of 1st Lt. James L. Jarmon Pilot 15th A.F. 463rd B.G. 772nd B.S.
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