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Where is everybody? In WV we say where is everybody at?

Did anyone out there, go to Jefferson Barracks for their basic training?


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At the reunion last year in St. Louis, while on one of the 'tours' we passed nearby Jefferson Barracks and I heard a couple of the veterans mention that was where they did their Basic.  I'm sure there were others in the Group but those are the only two that I heard personally.


We hope to have more of the veterans using the bulletin board soon, so perhaps someone will respond to your query.



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Great website


Am seeking the names of the aircrew of B17 42-31685 "Pete's Playhouse" that was lost on the 10th May 1944 with 1Lt. Stanley N. Dwyer.


Many thanks






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The book Allyn's Irish Orphans lists them as follows:
2nd Lt. Stanley n. Dwyer, Pilot
2nd Lt. Manley H Dale, Co-Pilot
2nd Lt. Francis G. Gilhooley, Navigator
S. Sgt Prescott Piper, B
Sgt. John J. Boros, UT
Sgt. Eugene E. Parker, BT
Sgt. George D. Mitchell, RO
Sgt. Stephen A. Milewski, RW
Sgt. John E. Boyett, LW
Sgt. William Olfenius, TG

Maybe you already had this information, but here it is.

Jan Boehler

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Hello everyone of the 773rd squadron. My name is Raymond Calamari, Jr. and I am looking for anyone who may have known my uncle Louis Henry Calamari, Bombardier. Hi crew was H. Wolquit, R.H.Baker, L.D.Oliver J.J.Vos, C.E. Hastings, J.C. Norby, G.A. Gilbert, L. Beatles and L.M. Wilson. My uncle was in Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7 and flew 41 missions. Unfortunately he fell ill with an appendicitis and past away from complications. I have his log book and all letters that he wrote to his family from that time. I found a picture of him from the Vos crew photo on this fantastic web site. Mr. Vos, if you read this I would love to correspond to see if you remember anything about him. To all of the crew, please let me know anything you may know or photo's you may have. It would mean the world to my uncle Lou's family. My e mail is

Thank you and God Bless the 773rd!!

Raymond M. Calamari, Jr.
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